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7 Things toConsider When Creating Video Content on Facebook

SteveRayson, the director at BuzzSumo, analyzed 100million Facebook videos that were published in the lastyear and used the data to show you how to create a more engaging and optimalFacebook video.

Here are seven insights from BuzzSumo’s research that can help you create higher quality videos that willbe shared more frequently and attract more likes and comments on Facebook.

1. Video Rules Engagement

Whenit comes to reaching your audience, video is the way to go.Based on data from April 2017, the average video post caught the attention of12.05 percent of the total page audience. Photos grabbed 11.63 percent, while links andstatus updates only captured 7.81 and 4.56 percent respectively.

Evenfor publishers who reach their core audience through other forms of content(like text articles) on their own sites still see the highestrate of engagement with videos when it comes to their Facebook page.

2. Time to Get Topical

Thenumber one video category (by far) on Facebook is food. In fact, it gets twicethe number of average interactions than the second topic on the list, Fashion& Beauty. Rounding out the top five are Animals (Pets), DIY, and Humor.

So,which categories garner the least engagement? The bottom five on the list areEducation, Cars, Marketing, Real Estate, and Finance/Stocks.


3. How Long Will They Watch a Video?

Typically,shorter Facebook videos are more likely to attract attention from viewers than longerones. The highest rated duration includes clips that fall from 60 to 90seconds.

After90 seconds, engagement falls consistently until you reach the 6-minute point,where it remains fairly constant.

Buthitting the 31-second mark is especially critical, as videos below 30 secondsperformed worse than any other category.

4. What About Facebook Live Feeds?

Thepopularity of Facebook Live video is growing, with around 20 percent of allFacebook video content coming from the source based on April 2017 data.

Mostpeople interact with live feeds longer than regular videos, with around 15+ minutes being thesweet spot. In fact, the top 10,000 Facebook Live videos came in at an averageof about 20 minutes long.

5. Average Number of Interactions

Ingeneral, the difference between the average engagement levels for Facebook andFacebook Live videos was fairly small. Traditional videos reach an averageaudience of 928 while live videos saw 1,043.

But,it’s important to note that users report a higher level of engagement with Livevideos, and about 25 percent more comments tend to be left on these whencompared to regular clips.

Thedisparity in the comments could be that Facebook Live may be used for Q&A sessions, with viewers posting questions inthe comments section during the event.

6. Emoji Time — Popular Viewer Reactions

Afteranalyzing the most common reactions to Facebook videos, laughter is distinctlynumber one and love is number two.

Manyvideos use humor and joy to convey their message,regardless of the selected topic and show that people often want to enjoythemselves when viewing videos.

FacebookLive had different results, with love taking the top spot and sad coming insecond.

7. Text Introductions

Itappears that, when people are interested in a video, they don’t want along, written headline.

Infact, the best performing videos average a mere 84 characters, and the medianwas a shocking 61.

What This All Means for You

Ifyou want to create engaging Facebook and Facebook Live videos, there are a fewkey takeaways that can help you improve your content.

First,keep your videos short, aiming between 60 and 90 seconds. Your Live videos needto be longer, falling above the 15-minute mark.

Whenit comes to the intro text, get to the point quickly. Be concise and give usersjust enough information to entice them to view the clip.

Choose the right topic foryour video. When in doubt, how-tos, hacks, and tips often perform well, alongwith anything that is humorous or inspirational.

Ultimately,you want your content to be shareable. People enjoy telling others aboutvideos that are entertaining or provide value, so keep that as your overallgoal when you create your videos.

So,when you produce that epic unicorn video full of magic, wonder, andspectacular rainbows, try to make sure it speaks to the masses. That way, youcan give your unicorn the biggest chance to be shared with the world.

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