One Media Group is an Asia-focused advertising and marketing company that holds a number of interlinked solution providers.

Founded in 2004, it began as a production house supporting Hong Kong-based marketers through creating bespoke multimedia contents for publicity projects. Over the years it has expanded its suite of services to cover all aspects of mass communications as it strives to meet sophisticated demands from a wide array of customers. Having served over 1,000 organisations of different industries, including both commercial and non-profit entities, One Media Group has in stages developed specialised business units under distinctive labels. They are classified under four verticals, namely brand communication, marketing solutions,media-cum-advertising, and next-generation technology.

Some of them fell under One Media Group’s sprawling corporate umbrella through merger and acquisition due to their market-leading positions. Some received strategic investments as the group regularly scouted for innovations and niche providers. They all sat alongside the various joint ventures that One Media Group established with its customers and like-minded peers, as well as flagships that were spun off from the group’s long-standing operation.

Such multi-pronged and rapid development is fuelled by One Media Group’s best-in-class account services honed through more than 15 years of experience. Taking a customer-first approach, the company has a strong track record of maintaining long-term customer loyalty, which in turn helps drive its revenue growth. Many return for the group’s out-of-the-box solutions and dedicated resources.

Seeking to become a market leader in Asia, One Media Group has added service representatives and partners in Macau, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Taipei, Bangkok, and Tokyo beyond its headquarter in Hong Kong. The company will continue to drive forays into other markets within the region and look for partners that can bring synergy. The development will see One Media Group grow even faster with a much diversified portfolio of business units. It takes pride in creating a unique ecosystem for businesses that are looking to scale up smart and cost-effectively in fast-growing Asia.


puting clients at the centre of all we do. It’s not about us, it is about our clients; their needs and objectives drive the solutions we provide in order to help them achieve the goals.

Flexibility is crucial as it enables a way for us to support innovation and keep pace the continuous changes without stopping. Not only in the depth and range of capability but also our ability to configure situationally.

By fusing together our creative, intelligence, and technology expertise, we are able to provide clients with transformative ideas and consumer experiences, unlike any other agency or holding company in the marketplace.

We challenge convention, whether your brand is expanding, unveiling or transforming. We exist because we love challenge status quo in innovative and impactful ways. We deliver a moment that makes people care enough to talk about it.