Green Screen – Thing Everyone Does In Singapore. Should You?

COVID-19 crisis presents an unprecedented challenge in a decade for the event industry, numerous events were being postponed or even cancelled. But fortunately, many marketers pivot to virtual events and it has been turned up as the latest trend in the world wide event industry. To bring your virtual event to a whole new level, green screen technology creates any virtual environment with an unbelievable sense of authenticity that directly integrates your theme.

What is a green screen?

A green screen is a green backdrop placed in the background and chroma keying helps to digitally cancel out the green color and replace it by the desired content. Its distinctive color prevents the skin or hair from being filtered out in the final video as green doesn’t match any skin tone or most of the hair color. Therefore, you should also avoid wearing green and reflective clothing as you will result in the clothes being keyed out.

Live streaming with green screen setting

Green Screen in Singapore

CNA, broadcaster ofSingapore, recently created a new background of its broadcast venue by using green screen technology. The settings such as window, ceiling, decorations and video walls are digitally generated during the broadcast. The virtual elements are changed based on the broadcasting time and geographical context. For morning programs, there is a drone footage shot of the cityscape to synchronise the shift in sun. When it comes to evening news broadcasts, the video footage is changed to a night-time cityscape.

Source: News Casts Studio

How does green screen benefit your virtual events?

Creativity and Enhancement

Green screen opens up creativity and you’re only limited by your imagination. There are so many amazing effects that can be applied to green screens to show your content in a unique way and to make your event stand out from the crowd in the virtual world.

Source: Brandon Fate Youtube Channel

Branding Opportunities

With a green screen, it’s not difficult to organize an event that is customised to your business. You can develop an ideal and quality setting with the company's logo and brand colors to tell your brand personality through different creative means. It’s also the greatest way to show your professionalism through the video footage and audience experience.  



To keep your audience from getting lost in thought, visual explanations can be added into the background, for instance, the data and information shared by the guests and the highlights of the event. This allows audiences to have better comprehension and understanding.



Having a consistent lighting setup can be a difficult task when shooting. Using a green screen is an excellent solution as it helps to block out the ambient light and provide consistency.

Green screen set up with proper lighting

Time and Cost Effectiveness

Holding an event on a green screen saves time and cost as the background can be easily set up by digital generation. You don’t need to spend time sourcing venues and assembling different sets and backgrounds to achieve a desired setting. Additionally, you can insert the same scene even if your guests are in multiple locations to remain consistent.

The background was created digitally in the live video.


You can revisit the past content for your future project. In addition, you can always improve the existing video by adding new ideas and elements to it.


To wrap up

As more and more events have gone partially or completely virtual, marketers need to pay more efforts to make their own ones stand out and deliver exceptional experience. Green screen technology is definitely a powerful tool to bring your virtual event to a next level.

New to green screen? We know what works and what doesn’t. Drop us a line and we can explore the opportunity together!